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Thursday, 14 March 2013

A trip to Wattston bonsai.

Today Mike R and myself had a run out to Wattston bonsai in Scotland to see a tree by Mr Kimura, which has been imported for a customer and will be delivered soon to him.On arrival we were greeted by Dougie who showed us round and told us not about one tree but about five trees from Mr Kimura.
This is the main tree, a Chinese Juniper
Mike standing beside it for scale.
I just thought this branch needed to be adjusted a little.
{ Only joking, how can you improve perfection }
A root over rock, also created by Mr Kimura.
Even more beautiful tree's.

This Litterati Juniper by Mr Urishibata was another one of the tree's that took my eye.
Satskies by the dozen.
Too much to take in and see.
I have to thank Dougie very much for allowing us to not only see but be so close to these tree's, I could almost feel the presence of Mr Kimura himself.


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